What are my options?

There are a few things that might work for you (physical activity, group activities, support with non-medical problems like money, housing, talking about your problems etc.). Which of these would you like to try?

1. If you have an appointment with your GP, Physiotherapist or other health professional, remember to speak to them about your options for becoming more active e.g. activities run via the Move More Centres where you may have your appointments at Graves, Concord or Thorncliffe.

2. You could visit Move More Sheffield which includes many providers of activity across the city. This website enables you to search for activities by postcode or a location suitable to you. Once you've found something that interests you click through to the providers site to find out more.

3. If you’re interested in starting to Move More but need support you can visit SPARS or ask your clinician or the Move More Centre for advice about SPARS – Sheffield Physical Activity Referral Scheme.

This service is for physically inactive people, or people that want to get more active, with a range of health conditions and disabilities, who need support to become more physically active. The scheme has 6 providers which cover most areas of Sheffield with qualified, experienced and supportive staff who will help to develop a personal activity plan aimed at improving your quality of life at a reduced cost.

Free activities

4. If the SPARS scheme isn’t for you or you would like information about free activities or need support in other areas such as meeting people or debt, you can contact the Sheffield Community Support Worker Service on 0114 205 7120 or email cswreferrals@sheffield.gcsx.gov.uk

5. 'park run' organise free weekly 5k runs around the UK. They are free and open to everyone and are safe and easy to take part in. If running isn't for you, you can walk the course or volunteer to help others. To find a run near you please visit the Park Run website.

6. If you’re worried about your health and need help to manage these concerns, visit IAPT Sheffield or call 0114 2716568