Managing my weight

  • Along with appropriate dietary intake, physical activity is an important part of maintaining healthy weight, losing weight, and keeping extra weight off once it has been lost.
  • Physical activity also helps reduce abdominal fat and preserve muscle during weight loss. Adults should aim for a healthy, stable body weight. The amount of physical activity necessary to achieve this weight varies greatly from person to person.
  • The first step in achieving or maintaining a healthy weight is to meet the minimum level of physical activity in the guidelines. For some people this will result in a stable and healthy body weight, but for many it may not.

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Zest now delivers 12 week weight management programmes across the city for adults, children and families.

In order to help plan the next steps think about the following

  • How would you like things to be different?
  • What have you tried before to make yourself feel better and in less pain?
  • What were the good things about what you tried previously and what are the less good things about it?
  • What will do next?

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