Assessing your progress

Being aware of your pain and measuring how you are managing it is an important part of coping well. Understanding when you are having a good or bad day can help you to pace your activities and avoid flare-ups.

Try the pain confidence test to help identify your current needs in managing your pain. This simple, 3-step questionnaire is an easy way to check on confidence levels to cope with life despite the pain.

It will help you to think about the issues affecting you and enable you to plan how to deal with them. You can also use it to track your progress every week or two.

If you find you are struggling, this may mean you need more support and help. Visit the localised section for more options or see your health professional, doctor, physio or nurse to review your issues.

We plan to grow this section of the site and link to other tools to help you monitor your progress so come back soon!