At times, a pain specialist may recommend an injection treatment to help with persistent pain. However, these are not common, as they often don’t last for long and there are risks - although rare - of nerve damage, dangerous bleeding or infection.

Although a small number of people will benefit from injections, for most persistent pain, injections are unlikely to be a long-term solution.

For some patients, injections can be effective in reducing pain for a period of time allowing the mind and body to ‘recover’ to a degree, which will enable other treatments to work better. A good example of this is where the injection reduces pain for long enough for a physiotherapist to treat the affected part of their body.

Injections can be used to help people through a particularly bad flare-up of pain and help them get back to a point where they are able to take control of their own pain management again.

Your pain specialist will discuss with you whether an injection is likely to help in reducing pain and improving function and the associated risks. Your GP will advise you on whether you need to see a pain specialist.