How to soothe the stress of pain

Stress, worry and anxiety can all lead to even more pain. Pain itself is really stressful on the mind and body. It can make tense muscle and joints feel stiff and tight, cause neck and headaches, poor sleep and changes in appetite.

The stress of pain can affect your thinking with unhelpful or ‘catastrophic’ thoughts or repeated worries such as “what if this happens...”

This can make you feel very anxious and on edge, and it can then be tricky to focus on making the small, helpful changes needed to lessen stress and pain.

There are many ways to reduce anxious feelings and pain-related stress.

Relaxation can be a very useful coping tool. Try the relaxation recordings on this page. If they’re helpful, try to use one or both of them most days of the week for several weeks to discover if they lessen the stress of pain, reduce tension and tiredness.

Find out how it can be helpful to set goals for daily relaxation.

You can also click here to access an NHS relaxation link or explore self-help guides for anxiety and stress.

Sleep issues caused by depression and pain are common and can be troublesome. Click here for useful advice on sleep.