Getting fitter and healthier

For most people living with persistent pain, staying fit and active can be a real challenge. Often the natural reaction to pain is to want to rest and avoid too much movement.

People with pain and health care professionals now know that one of the main ways to live a better quality of life is to get fitter. This helps strengthen your muscles and increases flexibility in your joints. Becoming fitter will help you slowly build more energy and have better sleep patterns.

The way most people with pain get fitter is to slowly increase the level of activities and set themselves fun goals. Pacing is a skill which will help you become more active and stay active - without increasing pain or tiredness. View the Pacing and managing flare-ups section of the site.

It is important to remember that more pain does not always mean you are doing damage to your body. It may mean you are stretching muscles and nerves that are stiff and tight which is a ‘normal’ pain.

Most importantly, find something that you enjoy. It often helps to do activities with friends. Make sure you have fun and it will be a lot easier!