What is Hip or Groin Pain?

Your hip is a strong, ball-and-socket joint connecting the long bone of your thigh to your pelvis. Without its unique design, you wouldn't be able to twist and bend, cross your legs, or curl up in an easy chair.

Like all your joints, the hip receives its fair share of use and abuse, so it isn't any wonder that things go wrong. Even though athletes commonly complain of hip pain, you don't have to be a gymnast, dancer, or even a runner to feel an occasional ache.

The groin is the area of the body where the lower abdomen meets the thigh. It contains muscles, tendons and ligaments that overlie the hip joint itself.

Because these structures are all very close to each other it can sometimes be difficult to tell what the source of your pain is. Is it the hip joint and its associated structures or the soft tissues of the groin?

Some experts even argue that the hip joint is just another potential source of groin pain.

These next sections on advice and exercise have been written and developed to reflect this.

These sections may help you get a sense of what the source of your pain is likely to be. We would advise you to read both sections to help you see which you think is the more likely source of your pain.

Overall, however, the exercises and advice given here are designed to be appropriate whatever the source of your pain.

The exercise videos in this section are suitable in all cases of hip and groin pain. Please watch and listen carefully following the instructions closely, being guided by your pain and being as safe as possible.

Exercise videos


Posterior pelvic tilt


Side lying exercises