Referrals process

Referral to MSK Sheffield

All referrals for Rheumatology should be sent using the Electronic Referral System (ERS) using the standard MK Sheffield Referral Proforma. If you are referring from outside of Sheffield then we will accept your local referral form.

Please choose Rheumatology-Musculoskeletal - MSK Sheffield on ERS

This is an indirectly bookable service, so you are not booking an appointment for the patient to be seen. You are sending the referral for triage which is carried out by a Rheumatology Consultant. It is essential that you complete the referral form accurately and comprehensively so that we can book the patient to the right appointment. Each clinic is supported by different staff with different skills which will benefit your patient.

Blood tests are required for clinical triage, so please ensure that results are available prior to sending your referral for all patients – your referral may be rejected if results aren’t available.

  • CRP (within last 3 months)
  • RF (with dates)
  • ANA (if referring to the early arthritis clinic - in order that anti-CCP antibody testing can be performed on the sample in lab)
  • Baseline FBC, U+E, LFT
  • Uric acid if you are referring for management of Gout