De Quervain’s syndrome

De Quervain's syndrome is a painful condition that affects tendons where they run through a tunnel on the thumb side of the wrist.

Symptoms usually include:

  • Pain on the thumb side of the wrist and is aggravated especially by lifting the thumb, as in the hitchhiker position or when using scissors.
  • Tenderness if you press on the site of pain.
  • Swelling of the site of pain – compare it with same spot on the opposite wrist.
  • Clicking of the tendons occurs occasionally.

Dealing with De Quervain’s syndrome

  • Try to avoid activities that cause pain, if possible
  • If symptoms do not improve, please see your GP as you may need a referral to see a physiotherapist for a splint or a possible steroid injection.
  • If the symptoms are severe and do not settle with the above treatment then surgery may be advised.