Cubital tunnel syndrome (ulnar neuropathy)

Cubital tunnel syndrome is compression or irritation of the ulnar nerve in a tunnel on the inside of the elbow (where your 'funny bone' is). The ulnar nerve provides sensation to the little finger and part of the ring finger, and power to the small muscles within the hand.

Often the symptoms can be caused by leaning on the elbow or holding the elbow in a bent position (e.g. on the telephone). Sleeping with the elbow habitually bent can also aggravate the symptoms.

Dealing with Cubital tunnel syndrome?

  • Often stopping the things that cause symptoms will allow them to settle.
  • If symptoms persist or you start to lose strength in the hand, then consult your GP
  • Sometimes further tests; nerve conduction studies, are needed to check the function of the nerve.
  • If the symptoms are severe, then surgical decompression may be advised.