Acquired flat foot

Most people’s feet have a gap where the inner part of the foot (the arch) is raised off the ground when they stand. The height of this arch varies.

Some people’s feet, however, have a low arch or no arch at all, which is referred to as flat feet or fallen arches.

When someone with flat feet stands, their inner foot or arch flattens, and the foot may roll over to the inner side (known as over-pronation). This is often apparent if the heels of shoes wear out quickly and unevenly. Over-pronation can damage your ankle joint and Achilles tendon (tendon at the back of your ankle).

The symptoms of flat feet vary depending on how severe the condition is but the following are common:.

  • Pain /swelling behind medial malleolus (the ankle bone above the arch of your foot) and along the arch/instep of your foot
  • Change in foot shape
  • Decrease in walking and balance
  • Ache on walking long distances
  • Inability to stand on tip toes, on one leg