Plantar fasciitis

As with many other foot and ankle conditions, plantar fasciitis can be easily treated by you, at home.

Plantar fasciitis is an injury caused by overusing the ligament that attaches your heel to the ball of your foot, so the best way to deal with the condition is to rest, or at least make changes to the amount of activity you do.

However, completely avoiding putting weight on your foot is difficult. Day-to-day routines such as going to work and doing the daily chores means you need to use your feet. For this reason, the pain may take a while to fully resolve, but by initially reducing your activity levels and gradually increasing them as the condition improves, you can make a full recovery.

Low-dye taping and exercises designed specifically to target plantar fasciitis can also help. Visit our page on taping to find out more and watch a demonstration video.