Acquired flat foot

Getting the right footwear is extremely important for dealing with acquired flat foot. Key things you can do are:

Supportive shoes

Wearing supportive well-fitted shoes can relieve any aching caused by flat feet. Visit our footwear advice section

Insoles and orthotics

If you can do one or two heel lifts (see video demonstration on this page) before it’s painful, then in the first instance an over-the-counter, insole or orthotic (supportive device) can take pressure and pain away from the arch.

There are a vast range on the market, so to help select the right type for you we have identified a list of ones that might be suitable:

  • Simplyfeet supply a number of orthoses that maybe suitable which include: AirPlus Gel arch support, Orthoheel (regular and sports)
  • Heel Fix Kit supply pressure perfect insoles.

However, an orthotic only helps when it is worn in the shoe, and the benefits only last while you are actually wearing the device. A flat foot caused by a ruptured tendon or arthritis can often be treated with painkillers and an insole.

Management Continued

If the condition does not respond or you can only do one heel lift, but its painful, or none at all because of the pain, then please consult your GP immediately as further specialist assessment and treatment may be required.