Self help


Losing weight will reduce the strain on your ankles. You can find more information about getting filter and healthier here.


Painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen can reduce the pain. Ice packs can help reduce swelling.


Physiotherapy helps build the strength of the muscles, which can take the strain off the joint. We understand that exercise can be painful but you can choose from many non-impact activities such as swimming or cycling.

Activity modification

Avoid running, squatting and carrying heavy loads. If you are still working, consider changing your role at work.

When to seek further help

If the above measures don't help you with your ankle pain enough, you should seek help by visiting your GP. Your GP may offer other treatment options. If these fail they may then refer you on through the MSK referral pathway to see a podiatrist, a physiotherapist or a foot and ankle surgeon.