What is Back Pain?

Back pain is a very common problem - with eight out of ten people suffering from it at some point during their lives.

It can affect anyone, at any age. Most of us know that this can be very painful, and inconvenient, but it is not serious.

Most people experience back pain on one or both sides of their backs but may also feel it around their hips and buttocks and occasionally into one or both thighs. But with simple advice, most people will see a great improvement in their back pain within two weeks.

Some people can experience persistent back pain which can last much longer and usually requires treatment such as physiotherapy.

In most cases though, your back will settle by itself. It is important that you keep active and continue as normal, but if your pain is severe and persistent then you should seek medical advice for the appropriate treatment. Also consider looking at the persistent pain section for further information.

Pain is very good at making you feel down. Severe pain or even mild pain that is not settling can really affect your mood. Having high stress levels alongside your pains is common and will make a difference to the pain you experience.

As a result, we like to remind the people of Sheffield about the psychological self-referral service called IAPT. The website has self help advice but also a self-referral option. Alternatively, you can call them on 0114 2264380.

There is also advice for what to do if you are in a crisis. Please click on the link on the right hand side.