Keeping Active

Regular exercise is a great way to keep back pain at bay. People with good fitness levels tend to experience less back pain, so get out of the house and go walking, swimming or cycling for half an hour a day. Exercise classes such as body pump, yoga or pilates are also great for your back, and visiting the gym can also help.

Keeping active is good for you if you're suffering from back pain. Even if exercising feels painful, it will not harm your back and keeping active is one of the best ways to get the back fitter. Often people who have had back pain for long periods lose confidence and trust in their back. They often move the back less and move it cautiously, which can spiral down to a less fit back, that hurts more! Exercise is a great way to build up confidence again, but it can be daunting, so if this is you then use a local professional to guide you to confidently exercise again.